Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Day at the Museum

There was a time when I thought of museums as halls filled with encased historical relics or framed masterpieces. Boy was I wrong. Museums come in all shapes and sizes now. Some extravagant, grand, and downright beautiful while some are simple and precise. Then there's the eccentric ones found in unpredictable places. I guess you could say that Pinto Art Museum, which is encased in a sprawling garden, is one of those places.

For a day at the museum, I wanted to look kind of artsy. I almost went for a monochromatic look but I thought this dark color palette would do the trick. The black and maroon hues mimicked a sort of moody underground vibe while the floral kimono added a bit of whimsy to the outfit. To finish it off, I went with a pair of creepers. Overall, it kind of ended up being a mix between boho and artsy. College art student, perhaps? This look is actually part of my Back To School Lookbook, which you can watch below.

What I'm Wearing
dark floral kimono - Medley Manila
maroon camisole - Medley Manila
black skater skirt - bazaar
black suede creepers - Topshop
chunky gold chain necklace - Born Pretty
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Photos by Joren Villano

Sunday, August 10, 2014

It's Summer Somewhere

Even though the skies of Manila have been cloudy lately, the perfect excuse for posting a summer outfit is that it's summer somewhere else. It may not be where I am but it is summer outside the confines of the classroom I've been reacquainted with.

Wore this while on vacation in Palawan, specifically a trip to the wonder that was The Underground River. If you wanna go see what that was like, go ahead and check out my travel vlog here. Since there was a possibility of getting wet or heading to the beach somehow, I wore a swimsuit under this crochet sweater dress that I tucked in. It was substantial enough to keep me from getting chilly but cool enough for the warm weather. Paired it with mint dolphin shorts and flip flops to keep comfy since the car ride was kind of lengthy.

What I'm Wearing
crochet sweater dress - bazaar
dolphin shorts - Forever 21
flip flops - Havaianas

For more summer outfit ideas, check out my Summer Lookbook:

Photos & Video by Joren Villano

Saturday, May 31, 2014

500 Peso Outfit

Someone asked me to create an entire look with just 500 pesos and this is what I came up with. It wasn't easy. The shoe, for one, were hard to haggle for. I ended up paying 250 pesos for the pair. Luckily, I found a jacket for 50 pesos and a pretty floral dress for 100 pesos. I think it's a pretty decent outfit for only 400 pesos. What do you think?

Photos & Video by Joren Villano